Исполнитель: The Fortunes
Страна: UK
Альбом: You've Got Your Troubles
Год: 1992
Жанр: Beat, Pop-Rock
Формат: mp3 320 Kbps
Размер: 105 mb
Залито на: Cloud.mail, Dfiles


01.You've got your troubles 3.28
02.Here it comes again 3.10
03.Here comes that rainy day feeling .2.45
04.Freedom come Freedom go 3.01
05.This golden Ring 2.09
06.Storm in a teacup 3.26
07.That same old feeling 3.21
08.Caroline 2.24
09.Seasons in the Sun 3.40
10.When I'm gone 3.30
11.Don't throw your love away 2.15
12.Lindsey 3.18
13.When your Heart speaks 4.07
14.You captured my heart 3.28
15.The Guitar plays 3.21

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