Исполнитель: Helen Shapiro
Страна: UK
Альбом: E.P. Collection
Год: 1990
Жанр: Pop
Формат: mp3 320 Kbps
Размер: 124 mb
Залито на: Cloud.mail, Dfiles


01. Little Devil
02. I Don't Care
03. Don't Treat Me Like A Child
04. You Don't Know
05. A Teenager In Love
06. Lipstick On Your Collar
07. Beyond The Sea
08. Little Miss Lonely
09. The Day The Rain Came
10. Tell Me What He Said
11. Walking Back To Happiness
12. I Apologise
13. Let's Talk About Love
14. When I'm With You
15. Because They're Young
16. St. Louis Blues
17. Goody Goody
18. The Birth Of The Blues
19. Keep Away From Other Girls
20. After You've Gone
21. Fever (Bonus track)
22. Look Who It Is (Bonus track)

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