Исполнитель: Various
Альбом: Italo-Disco Collections From Vinyls (Unreleased Rare Singles From Vinyl)
Жанр: Italo-Disco
Год выхода: 2010
Формат: MP3 CBR 192 - 256 kbs
Размер: 1.05 GB. (3% для восстановления)


1.Airplay - for your love
2.Al corley-square rooms
3.Amadeus liszt - the devil wins
4.Angel-follow me ( extended )
5.Anouschka renzi - robot love (12'' version)
6.Atlantis star - the loving kind (extendedversion)
7.Avalanche-johnny, johnny come home (dance mix)
8.Axodry-computer music
9.Axodry-surrender (maxi)
10.Axodry-the time is right
11.Baltimora feat. By dj john 4ever - tarzan boy (australian remix '99)
12.Bananarama - love in the first degree (remix)
13.Barbara - ciao boys
14.Bianca neve - prince kiss
15.Blockhouse - disco hit (sos italo mix)
16.Bolland & bolland-a few good men
17.Boney m.-kalimba de luna (remixed by doug laurent)
18.Boys boys boys - emotions (l.a. Mix)
19.Broken dreams-broken dreams
20.Bruce & bongo-geil
21.C.c. Catch - wild fire (explosion rmx)
22.Charlie g-llama l`amour
23.Claudio mingardi - starman
24.Company b - fascinated (ultimix)
25.Cris life - gypsy lady (gypsy-maxi-mix)
26.David hasselhoff-je t'aime means i love you
27.David lyme - playboy (remix)
28.De gamma - sexual fever (maxi)
29.Den ryder-it's hand to say goodbye
30.Dgentlmeni u dachi (dj-mix-long)
31.Digital emotion - get up action (x-mode disco re-edit mix)
32.Digital emotion - go go yellow screen (x-mode disco re-edit mix)
33.Doctor - love romance (piano edit)
34.Don quichotte - don quichotte ( remix 2004)
35.Evelyn-woopeckers from space
36.Fable time - russia, russia (extended version)
37.Facts & fiction-give me the night
38.Florence-hey, hey, hey !
39.Franca ricci - i need your love (special dance mix)
40.Gary low - you are a danger (gazebo remix)
41.Get up action (beloe solntse pustini remix)
42.Gino - everybody's chic
43.Go to - girl of the 80's
44.Golden disco hits mix 80's - extended mix vol.1
45.Golden disco hits mix 80's - extended mix vol.2
46.Hazell dean - they say it's gonna rain (razormaid club mix)
47.Hivon-to be together (extended)
48.Hurricanes-only one night
49.If-a jealousy (extended version)
51.Italian boys - with just a kiss (danceplaza rmx)
52.Jean & jill - blue blue eyes (extended)
53.Jermaine jackson-escape from the planet
54.Jessica - like a burning star (ultimix)
55.Jock hattle - crazy family (razormaid rmx)
56.Joe lockwood - hey you (extended remix)
57.Julian - straight to my heart
58.La la - johnny johnny (speedy remix)
59.Laser cowboys-killer machine
60.Latin lover - casanova action (shake mix)
61.Lazarus - wait (remix)
62.Lenny-self control
63.Maltese-it's all right
64.Marce - i want you (comp-act mix)
65.Marco martina-venture in my heart
66.Mauro - buona sera senorina (nuovo rmx)
67.Milou-sentimental lover
68.Modern talking - locomotion tango (italian groove mix)
70.Moltocarina - one more night (club mix)
71.Moon ray  - comanchero (special disco remix)
73.Mr.zivago - little russian (beri mix)
74.Mr.zivago - little russian (long rmx)
75.My mine-hypnotic tango
76.New baccara - fantasy boy (bimbo mix)
77.Night society-hold me tight (tonight) (extended version)
78.Numero uno - tattoo
79.Numero uno-tora tora tora (maxi version)
81.Passengers-night after night
82.Patty ryan - my love, my life (remix)
83.Pino d'angio - ma quale idea (extended mix)
84.Premio nobel-baby doll
85.Quibos - quibos (extended version)
86.R. Bais - take the love (remix)
87.Radiorama - di da di (ultimate factory mix)
88.Ray parker jr.-chostbusters
89.Reeds - night in chicago
90.Rewind - oriental eyes
91.Ricchi & poveri-hasta la vista
92.Righeira - vamos a la playa (le hamm mix)
93.Roby benvenuto - gringo (extended version)
94.Ross - go go boy (super mix)
96.Sacher musak (ssr)-gorba the chief
97.Santa & claus_-_christmas_dance_happy_christmas-dance-mix
98.Saphir - i am alive (hot tracks remix)
99.Secret service - flash in the night (antiloop remix)
100.Secret service-don t you know (extended)
101.Secret service-dont you know (rarik mix)
102.Secret service-dont you know (rarik russian mix)
103.Shanghai-flight 69
104.Sheree-ronnie talk to russia (glasnost mix)
105.Silent circle - stop the rain (kus party mix)
106.Silent circle-forget the stranger (remix)
107.Simon - burning (remix version 1987)
108.Simon marsic - echoing hearts
109.Sinery - don't you know (extendedversion)
110.Sophie-only wanna be with you
111.Steve clark-no more love (rarik mix)
112.Sweet connection - need your passion (remix)
113.Systems in blue feat. Mark ashley - jeannie moviestar (single version)
114.T.ark-how old are you
115.The new pilots - meet me in moscow
116.Thomas & schubert - crank it up (full cry mix)
118.Tibor levay-gipsy boobie
119.Tom hooker - help me
120.Topo&roby-set on fire
121.Torrevado-living in the shuttle
122.Trixie-if you walk away (12 inch)
123.Venus - hot sun on video
124.Vivien vee - blue disease (razormaid mix)
125.Why not - smile (why not smile mix)
126.William pitt - such a lonely night (special remix)
127.Wilson ferguson - i'm singing again (dj 209 fastmix)

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